I am her guiding light. My perspective of a mother in Islam

As a Mothers I believe I play a critical role in my home, as I am  the primary teacher of my child in Islamic culture. My main responsibility is to raise my child as responsible and upright as a Muslim, by moulding her young mind with the teachings of Islam and the doctrines of Allah.


As a mother I should demonstrate proper habits and behaviors that will serve as a proud example for my child to follow. This includes having good manners, respecting elders, keeping promises, showing compassion and care to everyone, establishing and maintaining good relationships, keeping a simple lifestyle and other respectable characteristics. Be reminded that Islam does not demand mothers to be perfect but rather asks for the willingness to accept the task of modelling good behaviours to  their children.


Teaching the attributes of Allah to my child at her young age is critical. The most important aspect of Islam is teaching my child to testify that there is no other god but Allah and that Muhammad is his messenger. The method of teaching varies depending on the age of the child. Teaching my child in the simplest way possible for her to develop her understanding of Allah.


My main focus is to direct my  child’s focus and attention to how to please Allah with good actions. Children will associate good actions to pleasing Allah, which is the basic foundation of what a good Muslim should be. Guide them to become righteous people who do everything in the name of Allah. As a mother, it is my  greatest responsibility to raise my child with appropriate upbringing and strong Islamic education. It is my primary role to shape the mind of my child towards the truth. 


A good mother should always demonstrate love and affection to her children in order for them to grow as people filled with optimism, trust, hope and ambition. Remember to treat your children fairly and equally. According to the Islam Basics teachings, mothers who honour Allah lavish their children with love, but do not favour one over another.


We are what ultimately what our children become. So take that first step to make it better and brighter insha Allah.


Much love

Waseefa Hutton