Ramadan Essentials

 Ramadan Mubarak  to all the Muslims of the world. May we witness the blessings there-in.

Ramadan is a beautiful month, different and unique to the rest of the months and there are some few things a girl can’t go without during Ramadan. I would be focusing more on the items like clothing and accessories that would come in handy.

Abayas, Kaftans and Maxi Skirts: These free flowing items are very modest pieces of clothing and they will get you covered in the holy month. Go for the ones that you are most comfortable in. They are the perfect outfits for Iftar dates and those Ramadan lectures in sha Allah.

Scarves and Hijabs: Usually this is the month that lots of sisters start to wear the hijab ma sha Allah. Invest in maxi hijabs that are comfortable for your skin and preferably light weight and non-transparent for those in the hotter regions.

Socks: Socks are a great pair to have while praying or when you are sitted for and want to catch up on tilaawah (reading of the Qur’an). They would keep your feet warm especially if you are in a colder region.

Lip Balm: Long hours of dehydration might make your lips a little bit abandoned. Have a chapstick or lip balm that is odourless and colourless that you can constantly apply to give your lips life and the nourishment they will need during the day. Keeping it moisturized will keep them healthy.

Pocket Qur’an: One of the beauties of Ramadan is that you would get rewarded in multiple folds (compared to the other months) for good acts of ibaadah. You can easily catch up with reading the words of Allah in the mosque, while waiting for a bus or while in the train. Whenever there is a free time really.

Water bottle: A bottle of water would come in handy if you need to perform ablution for Salaah and you are not close to a masjid. This could be because you are in school and a place of worship is quite far.

Praying Mat/ Rug: It will be better if you have this item in a portable form. You can pray on time wherever you see a space and won’t have to postpone your prayer because a masjid is far or there isn’t any available near you.

Tote bag: You may tend to carry a lot during Ramadan. Big canvas or leather bags would be an ideal carry-all for all the items mentioned above!

Wishing you all a very productive and highly rewarding Ramadan!

With Love,