Marriage - Getting Married at a Young Age

People tend to believe in this modern generation that all we need, is money and status to lead a happy life. Thus, if you have not reached a certain age or even a certain amount in your bank account, you, unfortunately, are not ready for marriage. I personally have to disagree to this view.


Why do people of now have to say that getting married at a young age would burden a person's self in providing a living for the family? Why do parents of now have to disagree on their children getting married at an early age, when it reduces their worries of their children in a relationship other than marriage? Why are we raised within minds that don't understand that generation changes? Yes, the dilemmas and questions that myself, face everyday. I believe, there are some sisters out there too that are going through this phase of life. I have opened my mind to an understanding, of the importance of getting married at an early age.


Firstly, being a woman is not at all easy. Especially when it comes to having a partner. Making him understand, allowing him to see the beauty of marriage and even making him realise the importance of it, is exceptionally hard when he is raised within minds that don't understand the hardship as a young adult in a relationship. As a person who wears the hijab, I have every rights to protect myself and my dignity. That is why certain boundaries and limits are created to define the beauty of women. A true muslim woman needs safety and protection from a husband, not aboyfriend no longer. True?


Secondly, no matter how rich, no matter how poor someone may be, sustenance in life comes from only Allah SWT. Even if you have digits in your bank account that is even more than the digits of your mobile phone, who says your life is already guaranteed easy? Even if you live from hand to mouth everyday of your single-hood life, who says Allah SWT would not grant you sustenance after marriage? But if we take a moment and really see, we just have to be sure and realise to the fullest that marriage actually brings blessing to both the husband and wife, Alhamdulillah.


This brings us to my third point that we as the ummah of Islam, have to do good deeds for the sake of Allah SWT. In this case, marrying someone for the sake of Allah SWT. If you want to get married with the intention of leading your partner to the path of Jannah, in shaa Allah there will be blessings in your marriage irregardless. Marriage, in the other hand could also preserve ourselves from doing any act of zina. Zina in its broad meaning indicates any prohibited act. Not only it refers to sexual intercourse, even a look, talk, touch, or desire that is related to it may lead to illicit sexual relations. The words of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace,


"Any of you who can afford it should marry. It lowers the eyes and preserves the genitals."


Lastly, we should understand that parents may be worried for their children's future. Food and drinks, milk and diapers, apparels, house bills and lots more may beat the brains out of your head after marriage. But to be honest, I would rather see my child getting married and live in hardship than being single and chasing the temporary wealth and education on this earth and committing sins. Believe in Allah SWT and his blessings.


"Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity."


With much love,


Farah Amira

Instagram: @frhxa