Value of the Hijab by Faida Chikwatu

Asalam Alaikum,

Today’s young Muslim girls are more comfortable in taking a big step by making a Hijab part of their lives.  By wearing it full time, they somehow demonstrate the love for the Islamic culture, hence the Deen.

 Yes in this case it is a big step for most of these girls and the society at large. The wearing of Hijab not only symbolizes beauty of the Islamic garb, it also has the effect on the young ladies to clean up on their acts into being decent Muslim girls.

The Hijab is a very powerful element within Muslim women, as soon as a person hears about the hijab their immediate thought is of modesty and being decent. Which is why I believe that your hijab should not just match your outfit, It should match your character just as much as your deen.

My take is that while we casually talk of the Hijab, we ought to ensure that we fully understand how this becomes a very important subject in our lives.  Its quite surprising that a few people that I have chatted to on the issue had no clue that the Hijab has been vehemently discussed in the quraan and lots references in the ahaadith.

Now, that can not be a simple matter.

Therefore, my appeal is that we, the proud muslimah, invest a little of our times to get to learn the reality of  the Hijab. One example of source of learning here with (

I have so much hope that the outcome of the well spent time will bring lots of changed breed of Hijabis.


Faida Chikwatu