How to make new friends - By Haneefah

At one point in our lives, maybe some more for some, we've seen ourselves thrust into a new environment or situation. It might be a new school, neighbourhood or workplace. And usually, it is important we make friends and interact in the new environment.

The blessings and advantages of good and righteous company isn't something to be taken lightly and it has its own immense benefits.


The Prophet S.A.W says

"The example of a good companion and a bad companion is like that of the seller of musk, and the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows. So as for the seller of musk then either he will grant you some, or you buy some from him, or at least you enjoy a pleasant smell from him. As for the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows then either he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him."


Humans are social creatures by nature and if you are in a fix about how to make new friends, here is a simple guide below. I hope it would be of help.


Find Common hobbies: "A person is likely to follow the faith (belief) of his friend, so look whom you befriend". Find out who likes the same things as you. It is easier to make friends with people of common interests. Just make sure the interest are both beneficial and empowering, may Allah guide us all to what is good for us.

Be yourself: You shouldn't have to pretend to be someone else to make new friends. Being yourself doesn't require too much effort or energy and it is easier to be free with your own circle. Let them appreciate you for who or what you are.  Except you are a super hero in secret and sharing this knowledge would put your friends in danger. Just kidding :')

Join a Community team: Or join sports. When you're on a team, you are guaranteed to make new friends. You would probably need to meet periodically and from there connections are made. Make enquiries around you about sisters' halaqa, it’s a religious gathering or meeting for the sole purpose of learning more about your religion. How cool is that?

Be social: Having friends over the internet isn't such a bad idea. You can meet people online and they will be beneficial to you. One of the platforms you can make use of is Hijabvisers itself. A budding community where you can meet and interact with sisters from all over the world. I know it can be scary but be social, go to school/ work events, parties and get-togethers, iftars, meet and greets or anywhere you can meet new people.

 Find connections: Meeting people through friends you already have is also a great way to make new ones. You can easily trust them because of a common connection and ground you already may be sharing.


Truly the faithful are to one another like components of a building- Each part supports the other. [Muslim & Bukhari]


Be careful the type of friends you choose, they are supposed to care and have a common goal as you. A friend is someone you can trust, share your happiness and sadness with and who would be a good companion.


Please share this article and let’s know the ways in which you’ve had to make friends in the past, or the methods you might be employing now.


With love, Haneefah.

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