Reliance on the Higher Being: Surat Maryam as case study. - by Haneefah

I’m an avid reader, I read everything, I enjoy classic novels, fantasies and things on wrappers of food or sweets when I’m super bored. Magazines are my bane! And I’d rather read a book than watch its movie. Ha-ha!

When I feel like touching up my relationship with Allah S.W.T, the Qur’an is something I pick up just to kickback and reflect on its words. Read the stories there in, his promises to us, the Ummah, Ma sha Allah. In one of my sessions, I came about Surat Maryam, Chapter 19.

Allah tells us the story of Maryam; I think she’s quite the controversial lady and the single most popular/ known/ talked about across two religions or more.

Mary in the bible, Mother of Jesus.

Maryam in the Qur’an, who birthed Isa A.S.

When I went through the chapter, I read the English translation to further help with my understanding. Women should read Surat Maryam on regular basis to understand that they don’t need anyone else but Allah for provision.

Some of us are already familiar with her story, she was pure and yet faced ridicule. She was upright yet found herself alone.

An angel, from Allah, came to give her glad tidings of a pure boy to her, (Q19:16-22) and when Allah S.W.T willed, she conceived Isa A.S. When the challenges of childbirth befell her, Allah provided her with succour. She was in so much pain and she already wished herself dead. (Q19: 23). She was unmarried and alone in a wild desert (think about what people might have thought of her!).

But Allah gave her Isa A.S, provided her with provision of food and drinks from above.

If we have special request(s), no matter what we think we are going through, reading stories from the Qur’an helps, they reminds us to check “within” than “out”. It’s whatever that is taken in that reflects out.

There are also other stories from this chapter that goes within this theme, Prophet Ibrahim A.S seeing himself alone and apart from his Idol worshipping society, his father being a high ranking worshipper himself! Allah showed Ibrahim A.S mercy and provided him with pious offspring. The story of Prophet Musa with his speech-challenge and how Allah provided for him, a partner, his brother, Haroon and His raising of Prophet Idris to high heavens.

This chapter is filled with miracles, the triumph of the Mortal soul over its challenges. It shows there is nothing Allah can’t do and he has power over all things.

We should not forget that Allah is with us at all times, enjoin in good and enjoy all of his mercies over us. And when calamities befall us as they might, we shouldn’t forget His promise for better days ahead.


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